Thursday, January 13, 2011

A new year, a fresh start.

New year resolutions are in full swing and I may very well be the only person who doesn't have one. Well, okay, I do have one but it's not your usual "lose weight""spend less, save more" type resolution. Mine is more complex, less measurable and more internal. Sure, losing weight would be nice, saving money would be fabulous but I know those are resolutions I wouldn't stick to. So I came up with something a little bit more personal, something I've needed for a long time but never acknowledged. But, its time. I need this. I want this. Now feels right.

My resolution, my goal for 2011 is to be happy. In 2011, I'm going to do more things for ME rather than for other people. I'm going to slow down and enjoy my life. I'm going to learn how to say no when something doesn't fit in to my schedule or would add too much stress to my life. I'm going to spend time exploring the world around me with the boy. I'm going to craft more, scrapbook more and spend more time in the kitchen. I'm going to reconnect with real life friends. In the last 5 years I've become dependant on my online friends and communities and it's time to take a step back and reconnect with the people that really matter.

What does this mean? Less time online. Less time spent in online communities. Less facebook. Less time trying to take over the world. More focus on the things that really matter.

 However, I have started this blog so I cannot give up the internet entirely. The purpose of this blog is to record the next 52 weeks, the next 365 days of my pursuit of happiness.

I hope you'll follow along and join in with me. It's not going to be all sunshine and rainbows around here, but by the end of 2011 I will be a different person. A happier, well rounded and reconnected person.

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